INFINITE Potential

Hi! Thought maybe I owed an explanation for what the heck it was you just read. My goal was to “start” a comic before my 30th birthday so that I would feel I hadn’t completely wasted my twenties. And I met that goal! I had finally realized, almost too late, that I needed to stop waiting until I was good enough to make my own comic and just MAKE IT.

INFINITE started out as a way for my lazy, newly artistic high school self to give my friends “meaningful” gifts. It’s since evolved, almost entirely within the confines of my brain (remember the part where I said I’m lazy?) into a full blown epic, with superpowers, arch enemies, romance, heartbreak, ass-kicking and other antics. There’s even a “movie” and a super dark sequel miniseries planned.

What I’ve posted so far is not a complete story. It’s a portion of the would-be “first issue”, so when I really REALLY start the comic, you’ll see these pages again. The goal of this segment was to introduce the main characters and give a hint of the action to come.

I’m still trying to determine a release schedule. I’d hate to do one page at a time. That would be frustrating story wise, but if I wait to post several pages at a time, it might take too long between postings.

Anyway, that’s about it! Please, share your thoughts below. Hoping to post a deadline for the next page/chunk of story soon. 😉